Conan O’Brien roasts, toasts Pete Holmes on The Pete Holmes Show

Interviewing your boss is weird.

Interviewing your boss on TV is weirder.

Interviewing your boss on TV when your boss has his own TV show interviewing other people is the weirdest.

But when you’re Pete Holmes and you’ve built a following outside your stand-up comedy through a podcast called “You Made It Weird,” then it only makes perfect sense to invite the late-night TV host who gave you your own late-night TV show over as your special guest. On Thanksgiving. Might as well make fun of Conan O’Brien by impersonating him in the monologue while you’re at it, Pete! JK LOL (both versions)

“You’re the perfect host for The Pete Holmes Show.” — Conan O’Brien, sincerely complimenting Pete Holmes.

Roll the clips! These are the unedited conversations, boiled down to just a few minutes for broadcast last night.

Conan tells Pete that there are no new gimmicks in late-night TV, despite the furniture:

Who’s paler: Conan or Pete? How about without the makeup? Somehow this makes sense when you consider their “comedian origin stories,” which is a thing. A real thing? Well, it’s a thing. Is it your thing?

Conan thinks Pete’s father has the same voice or accent as “Peter Griffin” from Family Guy.

Bonus clip? Since you made it this far, here’s more from Conan on Pete’s parents and the quality of The Pete Holmes Show set.

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