JC Shakespeare is one of a few young comedians who appeared in an infomercial about college loans in 1990, and 23 years later, he uploaded the video to YouTube today.

Shakespeare writes in the description: “This was my first paid gig as an actor, and perhaps it was for Patton as well. Patton had the tenacity and persistence to work his butt off (I didn’t), and I have immense respect for how far his talent and hard work have taken him.”

Patton Oswalt confirmed what we all see to be true. That was him. Oswalt told his Twitter followers @PattonOswalt:

“First paid acting gig. 19 years old. $300. Educational video about student loans. Sweater vest. Kill me.”

Sit back, relax, and step back into 1990 and a night at the One Liner Diner. Roll the clip!

The other comedians are Catherine Shaffner and JC Shakespeare. Shakespeare is a counselor in Austin, while Shaffner has acted in film and stage productions, but what’s the deal with Allister McAllister? Was that a stage name that disappeared before the rise of Google?