Where it’s always 4:20: Watching “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled” with Doug Benson’s commentary

At a screening earlier this month of The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, and elsewhere, Doug Benson readily concedes that he had wanted to follow up to The High Road — a 2009 road documentary for G4 that he’d hoped the cable channel would pick up for a full series.

Failing that, he made this, writing:

For years people have been asking about a follow up to Super High Me, and since I didn’t want to go through an experiment like that again, I decided to just make a movie about what my life is like now, while continuing to have fun using Morgan Spurlock films as inspiration, so I got together with some friends and made The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled. Since today’s movie theaters are filled with teenage vampires and hunger gamers, I decided the quickest route to getting this film to my fans would be online. I hope I’m right!

You can watch The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled exclusively via Chill.com. Here is the trailer.

Follow Doug Benson and Graham Elwood through Houston to Ann Arbor, Mich., then to Peoria, Chicago and Des Moines, Ohama, Oklahoma City and back to Houston. It’s a no-stakes documentary. No drama. No real narrative arc or goal to reach (or even fail to reach). Just a good roll through the haystacks and plains of middle America with two comedians and their ever-growing legion of fans, who have grown to love and know a lot more about Benson through his Doug Loves Movies podcast and @DougBenson Twitter feed.

Doug loves movies, and if you love movies with Doug, then this is a movie for you. At $7.99 for 80 minutes, it’s just the ticket if Benson’s comedy schedule doesn’t bring him to a comedy club or theater near you, or if you’d just like to get nearer to him. Especially if you’d like to live vicariously through him via your computer screen.

In any of those cases, you’d enjoy watching it even more along with Benson’s commentary, which he provided on April 20 in a live-Tweet.

But then again. It’s always 4:20 somewhere. If you want to make it so, pull up The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, and follow along with Benson’s notes, all via @DougBenson:

4:20 Start THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER ROLLED right…now! ‪#GMER‬ ‪#LiveTweeting‬ #420 ‪https://chill.com/420 ‬ ‪#SmokeWheneverISmoke‬
4:21 I was so high at this show!
4:23 Dandy Warhols
4:24 I lost those sunglasses recently and I miss them.
4:25 I like making faces at the camera, Jim Halpert-style.
4:27 That bag fell apart and I don’t miss it.
4:27 I bet that guy ate all the cookies.
4:32 Graham couldn’t see us because he was completely up Bill Romanowski’s ass.
4:32 Road rage ahead!
4:33 “You wear Dockers!”
4:39 I still get up early and do media if I like the show I”m gonna be on. Or if I get tricked into it.
4:41 The only reason I would ever want to be in the trunk of a car is if it was in a Tarantino movie. Or I was on J-Lo.
4:41 We didn’t blur drunk girl’s face for her, we did it for you.
4:44 I forget what band this is.
4:45 I don’t know those guys or why they are in the movie.
4:46 Good call ‪@mtangolics‬!
— Screwed up the tweet ‪@DougBenson‬ was referencing. The song was Glad Girls by Guided by Voices. ‪#GMER‬
4:47 I recommend you try a Misdemeanor tonight. The drink, that is. Don’t do crimes.
4:50 Dan’s right, it is hard to spot dumb-asses at the door. ‪‬
4:54 I don’t know any club owners who are in it for the cocaine.
4:55 Tap it out, Graham! ‪
4:57 I’d like to apologize to Miranda for what is going to happen to the Doug doll she made. ‪
4:59 Throb, throb, throb! ‪
5:00 One of those girls is trouble. Literally. That’s her name. ‪
5:01 Hello, Chicago! (See you May 5 Rosemont!) ‪
5:02 Yeah, that’s the same bear from G4’s THE HIGH ROAD. ‪
5:05 Those steps are steep and tiny. ‪
5:06 If you know this girl tell her to get in touch with me. I want my hula hoop back. ‪#GMER‬ ‪#LiveTweeting‬
5:10 Graham is wearing the ugliest shirt of all time ever.
5:11 Get ready for ass!‬
5:15 Burn victim! ‪
5:15 I didn’t name the burn victim Sherman, the people in the store named him that. And he has seasonal outfit changes! ‪
5:17 I always have at least one too-drunk girl at my shows. This one had a couple. ‪#Omahahaha‬ ‪#DigiridoIt‬
5:26 I’ll be back on June 28, Oklahoma City! ‪#DougBensonDay‬ ‪
5:30 I have fun in the State of Oklahoma City.
5:34 Thanks to all the cities we visited in this movie, and all the cities we’re gonna visit some day.
5:36 This was a BENSON INTERRUPTION show we did at Flapper’s in Burbank, where I’ll be taping a DOUG LOVES MOVIES on May 9.
5:37 It’s true, ‪@GregProops‬ and ‪@TheBrianPosehn‬ got me into weed in Walnut Creek, CA.
5:39 Thanks to my “a best friend,” ‪@nottjmiller‬ for that cameo. We’d put his name on the DVD box if there was one.
5:39 Garfunkel and Oates! ‪#GMER‬ ‪#WeedCard‬
5:40 p.m. At film festivals people sit through all the credits, so I wanted them to have a funny song to listen to #GMER

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