Kate the WASP celebrates Kwanzaa

Kate Hendricks has embraced what people her outer self — what you may perceive her to be — to create a an inside-out caricature of herself for a webseries called “Kate the WASP.”

Kate the WASP’s tagline on Tumblr: “Some days you’re Ann Taylor. Some days you’re Ann Taylor LOFT.”

As Kate the WASP, Hendricks kicked off 2013 by celebrating Kwanzaa. Yes, she went there. She introduced her first video of the year by saying, “Kwanzaa is a 7 day cultural holiday celebrated by African Americans (so I’m told by Wikipedia and some of the folks who I spoke to at the Museum of Natch History). It is also – it seems – a place for cultural wares to be sold.  That’s what I spent most of my time doing.  Shopping.  And making some besties.”

Roll the clip!

From the opening chords of Toto’s “Africa” all the way through, it’s an honest and honestly funny discomfort level as Kate the WASP interacts with Kwanzaa culture just as you’d expect a sincerely naive white lady to do so.

In the other 23 videos so far in her series, Kate the WASP has attended Occupy Wall Street, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Comic-Con, a sex shop, Harlem, the Puerto Rico Day Parade and the Gay Pride Parade. During election season, she also briefly transformed into Ann Romney. Because of course.

You can check out Kate the WASP’s YouTube channel here.


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