It has been 40 years since Marlo Thomas and her friends made puberty and sex a little easier to swallow for young children with the seminal release of Free To Be…You And Me. Oh no. I didn’t.

But Rob Kutner, Stephen Levinson, Joel Moss Levinson and their comedy friends did. It’s OK To Do Stuff, a humorous homage to Free To Be…, is out today via Rooftop Comedy Records.

Lizzy Caplan, Eddie Pepitone, Andy Richter, Fred Willard, Megan Amram, Eugene Mirman, Colin Hanks, The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin, former Barenaked Ladies’ frontman Steven Page, Kimmy Gatewood, Fred Stoller and more have contributed to the tracks.

Kutner explains: “Growing up with irreverent, forward-looking parents, Free To Be… You And Me quickly became part of my DNA. As with all things that enter my DNA, it was only a matter of time before the mutations took over. It’s OK To Do Stuff is the result. I hope you enjoy it — and notify the CDC.”

Proceeds from the album benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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Rob Kutner and the Levinson Brothers

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