You’ve heard Jimmy Pardo be Never Not Funny for years now; for the past couple of years, as the warm-up comedian for Conan O’Brien’s television programs.

You’ve been impressed with how much Pardo ad-libs on the fly. But what if he does so with the help of a team of joke writers? And those in-the-moment jokes get thrown his way and back immediately after a stand-up comedian performs?

That’s the central premise of Write Now! with Jimmy Pardo, a new webseries debuting today via Chris Hardwick’s YouTube Nerdist Channel. If you’d like the official description, read this: “Tired of using his quick wit and crowd work skills to get laughs, Jimmy Pardo has hired a team of writers to park themselves on stage and pen material for him on the fly. It’s a formula for comedy guaranteed to devolve into merciless roasting — either of the comic who last performed, or the writer who fed Jimmy a dud.”

For the premiere, Pardo welcomes jokes from Ed Lee, Laurie Kilmartin and Frank Sebastiano, plus a stand-up performance from the show’s first roast “victim,” Josh Comers.

Roll it!

New episodes will appear weekly on Mondays on the Nerdist Channel on YouTube.