Serious talk: Conan O’Brien launches separate, longer online “Jibber Jabber” interview series

Do you like Conan O’Brien but wish he would sit down with his talk-show guests for much longer than a commercial break? And forget the commercial break? And the jokes, too? Just get down to the jibber-jabber, already?!

He has.

O’Brien and Team Coco launched a new online interview series, “Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien,” this afternoon. It is billed simply as “Conan O’Brien talks for a long time with interesting people.”¬†His first guest:¬†Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Edmund Morris.

It begins with a voiceover and subtitles saying, “This is something Conan wanted to do. He will make more whenever time and fate allow. He apologizes to Charlie Rose for stealing his set.”

What follows is a 47-minute conversation between O’Brien and Morris about President Theodore Roosevelt (whom Morris has written about), as well as presidential homes and the modern presidency. O’Brien says right at the top that he felt bad about having Morris on his TV program and only having seven minutes to chat. So. This fixes that.

The series has a sponsor, too: AT&T.

Are you ready for some serious talk? Roll it.

Whom would you like to see O’Brien talk to at length in future episodes? Do you like this serious side of “Conan”? Do you think Charlie Rose — or Kevin Pollak, for that matter — will mind that O’Brien has entered their video vanguard?

And are we entering a new era for podcasting with lengthy video sit-downs such as “Serious Jibber-Jabber”?


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