IFC will air half-hour collection of Comedy Crib shorts in late-night TV fall 2016

Short-form comedy segments in late-night TV all are the rage now, as IFC becomes the third cable channel to jump into the field, announcing today that its Comedy Crib collection of more than two dozen webseries will begin airing on TV come Fall 2016.

The weekly half-hour episodes of Comedy Crib will include short sketches and stand-up clips from the online home of Comedy Crib, plus handpicked segments from Portlandia, Comedy Bang! Bang! and other existing IFC series.

“The Comedy Crib has become an important extension of our on-air lineup and a great way to bring new comedic voices and talent to fans, so it makes perfect sense to build this return path to our air for Comedy Crib content and, at the same time, establish a new late-night program on IFC,” said Christine Lubrano, IFC’s senior vice president of original programming. “Many of our signature shows originated as podcasts or webseries before IFC brought them to television, so we see potential in a wide variety of formats and look forward to continuing to experiment and entertain through Comedy Crib and late-night originals on IFC.”

IFC did not announce a premiere date or timeslot yet for Comedy Crib.

This spring, both the History Channel and truTV launched weekly late-night comedy shorts on Thursday nights — History with Night Class following talker Join or Die with Craig Ferguson; truTV with Late Night Snack hosted by Rachel Dratch.

Of course, Adult Swim has programmed 11-minute programs into his after-midnight slots for more than a decade.

IFC’s latest Comedy Crib series debuted today: Boxed In, written and directed by comedian Amy York Rubin, examining “Rubin’s comedic take on her daily dilemmas as a “gay-ish” woman living in Los Angeles — straight friends who give mixed signals, the ups and downs of online dating and the all-too complicated lesbian fashion-scene, are all fair game.”

IFC also partners with Above Average, UCB Comedy and the Annoyance Theatre for webseries content.

To wit, here are the other series you can find on IFC’s Comedy Crib today:

  • Sound Advice: Starring SNL’s Vanessa Bayer as Janessa Slater, a clueless media coach who takes on successful bands and musical acts and tries to change their ways.
  • Suburban SonsLamorne Morris (New Girl) stars as the leader of a suburban dad “motorcycle gang.”
  • If I Was In It: Two self-taught film students Mike and Frank discuss movies and what they would have done differently if they had starred in them.
  • Women: Sketch comedy from four men.
  • Faeries: Two faeries in the city talk about their struggles during their smoke breaks.
  • Red Autumn: A 20-year-old Russian woman from a small rural town gets a “Red Autumn” to experience the modern world, so she visits New York City.
  • Video Frogs: Sketch comedy.
  • Maui Animals: Animated series about best friends who are animals on Maui. Created by Dan Licata, Charles Gould, Amber Nelson, Ryan Dann, Tom Hunt, Nathan Min, and Joe Pera.
  • Does Dave Know We’re Here?: Four friends in a car wait for their fifth friend to join them inside the car.
  • The Annoyance Presents…: Sketches from the theater company founded in Chicago but now also with a NYC outpost.
  • Ball or Nothing: Adult dodgeball players. Created and written by Megan Rosati, directed by Will Lamborn.
  • Boy BandA disgraced former boy band star looks to shine in the spotlight once more and assembles a team of industry professionals and three confused young boys to make the next big pop sensation.
  • What’s Your Emergency?: Chelsea and Sebastian are normal people with a high-stakes job. As 9-1-1- operators, they are constantly trying (and failing) to put their personal lives aside and focus on the urgent tasks at hand.
  • Horrible Insane Girl: Comedy by Kady Ruth Ashcraft, Hayley Kosan, and Alise Morales.
  • How Sh*t Works: Julian and Steve explain how everyday objects work in this program that explores the wonders of science (as well as black magic and the paranormal).
  • The Fergusons: Featuring Ian Roberts, a husband, wife and their two kids talk turkey at the family dinner table.
  • Comedy Drop: Comedians spring impromptu stand-up routines on unsuspecting audiences (some not even human) in unexpected locations such as barber shops, parks and costume shops – giving viewers a front row seat to the awkward places comedians will go for a laugh.
  • Rage: Sweet girl on the outside, angry vengeful woman on the inside.
  • Pantry Boy: A a sketch series written by and starring Alexis Pereira.
  • Funny People Reading Books: Dave Hill, Simon Rich, Sarah Barron, Megan Amram, and Dan Wilbur read books.
  • Modern Dating: Starring Riley Soloner.
  • Bottled: Starring Connor Ratliff as a lonely cashier at a liquor store who only sells to people who invite him out with them.
  • “John and Geoff” Are Married: Starring John Murray and Geoff Garlock.
  • Clickbait Overload: Six Comedians. One current event topic. One nostalgic pop-culture genre. Seven hours to write, shoot, and edit a good sketch by mashing the two random ideas. Can they do it?
  • Laurie: Laurie might be the world’s worst admin.
  • Unique New York: A fast‐paced sketch series by Michael Hartney and Justin Tyler that explores the curious characters of the city that never sleeps.

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