Comedy Central greenlights three for 2013 series: Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer, Ben Hoffman

Comedy Central is adding to its 2013 slate of series with three new orders, as Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer and Ben Hoffman all will be leading their own shows next year.

“These three shows have one thing in common, and I dare viewers to watch every single episode to find out what it is,” said Kent Alterman, Comedy Central’s head of original programming and production.

Well, for one thing, all three performers already had a current or recently pre-existing relationship with the network.

Anthony Jeselnik, whose untitled weekly topical series should prove to be as dark and oftentimes offensive as his jokes purposely are, has an upcoming one-hour stand-up special for Comedy Central called “Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula.” You also may remember him from the dais on the CC Roast’s of Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen the past couple of years.

The untitled Anthony Jeselnik series is written and executive produced by Jeselnik and Head Writer Tom Johnson. Showrunner Krysia Plonka and Mosaic’s Christie Smith are also Executive Producers. Jim Sharp and Monika Zielinska are the Executives in Charge of Production for Comedy Central.

Amy Schumer also recently recorded a one-hour special for Comedy Central and was on the Charlie Sheen roast. She’ll star in a sketch series with single-camera vignettes centered around a theme with Schumer playing heightened versions of herself. The vignettes will be linked together with stand-up footage. “I am ecstatic to have a home at COMEDY CENTRAL,” said Schumer. “I feel like that network raised me. I love everyone there…though it may just be Stockholm syndrome.”

Or as she told The Comic’s Comic: “I just hope it’s at least half as funny as The Hammer.”

The untitled Amy Schumer series is executive produced by Schumer and Daniel Powell and produced by Levity Entertainment’s Itay Reiss and Derek Van Pelt. Brooke Posch is the Executive in Charge of Production for Comedy Central.

And Ben Hoffman was a Writer/Correspondent for Comedy Central’s Sports Show with Norm Macdonald. Hoffman will step up to star in “The Ben Show,” a weekly sketch/man-on-the-street hybrid in which he’ll seek advice from the people in his life and then follow that advice, which could see him forming a band, finding religion, auditioning for a reality show or trying out volunteer work.

“The Ben Show” is executive produced by Hoffman, Mike Gibbons, Itay Reiss, Derek Van Pelt and Judi Brown Marmel and produced by Levity Entertainment. Monika Zielinska is the Executive in Charge of Production for Comedy Central.

No start dates have been specified yet for any of these three series.

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