If you caught a gander at the Sunday papers in New York City, then you noticed that both the Post and the Daily News have made their annual stabs at pretending to care about comedy.

For the past few years, the Post has cast out its nets to round up the "best" jokes of the year, which as it has been previously, really just means the jokes that its reporters can get from comedians who reply in time to meet deadline. Not to disparage the comedians who got ink out of this, mind you. Plenty of my friends are included in the annual roundup. And I know how much the media coverage means to them. Just saying that this list of "150 best jests" is misleading.

196934_10100251476969980_4924761_61097454_435464_nThe Daily News, meanwhile, managed to be even more misleading with this cover tease for its features section. "Are these the funniest people in NYC?"

No offense to Sam Morril, Adam Newman, Nick Cobb and Dan Soder, because they had nothing to do with this headline and posturing, but that's not why they had received the mainstream media attention. Nope. It's because they're the "Final Four" in this year's "March Madness" competition at Carolines. They're the funniest people out of the 64 comedians who entered this specific contest and earned enough audience approval to advance this far. I know all four of these guys, and yes, they're funny. The funniest in the city? Right now? Hmmm.

You can get to know a little bit more about each of them (and quips from four other contestants from this year's Carolines contest) in the Daily News.

And that's this year's look at New York comedy! If you didn't get covered by the Post or the Daily News, there's always 2012!*


* Or come up with a gimmick. The press loves gimmicks.