A topical webseries: “Vetting Mitt’s Veeps”

Big day in U.S. politics, eh? The U.S. Supreme Court upheld much of President Barack Obama’s law expanding health-care accessibility with a 5-4 ruling today. Even so, the presumptive GOP presidential challenger, Mitt Romney, immediately made a speech upholding his demands to repeal the law if he’s elected. Despite the fact that “Obamacare” is modeled on “Romneycare.” Anyhow.

This is all to say, it’s a timely time for a topical webseries to launch.

Which is what UCB Comedy has done this week with “Vetting Mitt’s Veeps.”

Its logline: “Mitt Romney needs to choose a running mate. Beth Myers is here to help. Each week another potential running mate visits the office to plead their case.” In the first episode, Beth Myers (played by Beth Appel) interviews New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Jonathan Marballi). Roll the clip!

In today’s second episode, Beth vets Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (Alex Pereira). Roll it.

It’s written and directed by John Frusciante. If you enjoy presidential campaigns and keep up with politics, keep up with Vetting Mitt’s Veeps this summer.

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