At last weekend’s taping of The Comedy Awards, award-winner Hannibal Buress stopped backstage (or technically, under the stage) in the press room to answer a few questions.

Buress also took a minute to try to describe his upcoming role as the sidekick/co-host of The Eric Andre Show, which debuts on May 20, 2012, on Adult Swim. As he said here, it’s much easier to show you the mayhem rather than try to describe it.

This first commercial for the show, however, only shows you the briefest of peeks inside the nutty madness that is comedian Eric Andre. Roll the clip!

And here is a second promo for the show, featuring the house band:

In the meantime, you also can enjoy seeing Eric Andre as Mark in the new ABC midseason sitcom, Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, while Hannibal Buress is on a stand-up run in London for the first half of May before returning Stateside for club gigs nearer to you American types.

And if you live in or near Los Angeles, Calif., then you can attend a sneak-peek screening and panel discussion of The Eric Andre Show on May 14 at Cinefamily. Tickets here.