Jesse Joyce, “Pro Joyce”

Recording your comedy CD in Ottawa, Canada, isn’t something you’d normally see from an American comedian. But Jesse Joyce wants you to know he’s not as normal as you might think.

And on his 2011 disc, “Pro Joyce,” Joyce lets you know that by opening with a series of bits about how he is not an anonymous alcoholic — despite still looking, as he says, like “a coked-up Dr. House.” That earns applause from the audience. Which he hates. Almost as much as he hated New Jersey for a time. In recent years, Joyce wrote some of the funniest jokes that the late Greg Giraldo delivered on Comedy Central’s roasts. Now he has all of the jokes to himself, but “Pro Joyce” is not a Roast-type CD. He’s more of a storyteller but of the short story variety. Over the course of 30 tracks, he uses the 51 minutes to introduce audiences to himself via tales about traveling the world to perform for the troops and others, serving as a wingman for his friends and some questionable Filipinos, dealing with car breakdowns, watching Halloween fights, and relating to his fiancee.

Perhaps once you get to know Joyce, you’ll be ready to hear what he really has to say the world around him.

Sample some tracks from “Pro Joyce”

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