Lee Camp, “Chaos For The Weary”

Recorded in early 2010 and released in early 2011, Lee Camp’s CD, “Chaos For The Weary,” is best listened to now in the wake of the Occupy movements on Wall Street and across the country. Even in his opening track, he manages to get a dig in on Santa Claus, saying, “This guy has borderline superpowers…And what does he use it for? He brings action figures to little assholes!”

Lee Camp is a political comedian who remembers to put the comedian part first. Oftentimes, a track will open with a simple but hard-hitting joke before getting to the rant that Camp wants to put forth about how our sociopolitical regimen is hurting us. These jokes are solid. And so are the rants. Camp is our generation’s Lewis Black. Instead of rage, insert a bit of ADD. Like I said, he’s our generation’s version of Lewis Black.

He’s introduced by Kelly Carlin, daughter of the late George Carlin, who called Camp “a thinking person’s comic,” added: “he may just piss you off a little bit,” and finished with: “but the most important thing is he’s really fucking funny.” And he is. From his opening track, “People Over 50 Suck,” through the next 57 minutes, Camp opens our eyes and ears to the problems around us without being sanctimonius. Thus, we get a track called “Campaign Finance Reform & Remote Control Buttholes.” He’s also unafraid to call his own peers “Apathetic Electronic Uber-Pussies” because they’ll take up the cause of Team Coco so much easier and quicker than something that actually matters to the fate of the world. On “The Uninformed Populace,” he explains how our laziness needs to be coddled if we want to make a difference.

If you want to know what’s wrong with America. If you want to know what you should be thinking about, Lee Camp is a good guy to know.

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Chaos for the Weary - Lee Camp

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