Josh Gondelman, “Everything’s The Best!”

Josh Gondelman sincerely is one of the nicest people I know. Normally, in comedy circles, saying someone is nice is the “nice” way to say that person isn’t funny. Thankfully, though, Gondelman proves on his debut CD, “Everything’s The Best,” that he is an exception to this comedy rule.

A former pre-school teacher who recently quit his day job to make the move from Boston to NYC, Gondelman certainly gives off the vibe of someone who appears safe and comfortable to people of all ages, including 3- and 4-year-olds. No matter what he says later during the set. And yet, as he says early on, Gondelman’s own favorite book in the third grade was “Catcher in the Rye.” So there. We also learn that Gondelman played the trombone growing up. “I am a sports fan, though, despite my nerdy tendencies,” he assures us in the following track. And before you know it, surprise, a handjob joke!

During the second half of the hour, Gondelman delves in and out of the teaching gig he was just about to quit at the time he recorded the material. Which includes topics you’d expect as well as some you wouldn’t, all of which he pulls off with aplomb. He also tackles racism, his Jewishness. But even when he’s closing by talking about the kind of woman he’d have a one-night-stand with, there’s something about his road gig story, it’s charmingly awkward and funny. Just like him.

When I hear that comedians’ mothers love this CD, I’m not surprised. What’s not to like about Josh Gondelman? Awkward. Charming. Funny.

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Everything's the Best! - Josh Gondelman

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