Greg Fitzsimmons to host new game show for SPEED, “Pumped!”

The SPEED channel announced today that it’d launch its new game show, Pumped!, on Nov. 17, hosted by stand-up comedian and radio/podcaster Greg Fitzsimmons.

The network has ordered 20 half-hour episodes of the show, in which Fitzsimmons surprises patrons at undisclosed Sunoco gas stations, then quizzes them with automotive trivia for a chance at up to $1,800. Think of it as Cash Cab, minus the cab, and multiplied by auto knowhow.

From the press release:

“I’m just a guy who’s coming up to them and trying to have some fun,” Fitzsimmons said. “I’m not putting pressure on them to play the game. Not trying to tell a bunch of funny jokes, I’m trying to bring out what’s fun in an already funny situation.”

The situation also presents unique difficulties.

“You’ve got fire engines and people in reverse making that beeping noise,” Fitzsimmons said. “Then you’ve got gas trucks pulling in to fill up the tanks, and our whole set is on top of where they need to be, so they aren’t the most pleasant guys at that moment. You also have people honking, people in the background waving their arms and helicopters flying overhead. For every take we get that’s clean, there’s another take where we have to stop or re-ask the question, so we’re definitely on our toes to make sure whatever we do, we get it right.”

“I think what’s great about the show is it turns a mundane activity we’re all forced to do, very begrudgingly with these gas prices, and turns it 180 degrees,” Fitzsimmons explained. “Not only is it an opportunity to make money, but it’s also a very fun experience. It’s like a party starts happening.”

You can also listen to Fitzsimmons on “The Greg Fitzsimmons Show” on SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s Howard 101, along with his weekly Fitzdog Radio podcast at

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