Most-liked Instagrams for The Comic’s Comic in 2015

You can look back on a calendar year from many different perspectives and points of entry. Your memories flash in front of you.

And then a website comes and calculates how other people viewed your year for you. Or one slice of your view.

Such is, which takes an Instagram handle, calculates the most-liked photos posted on that account in the year, and then produces a new nine-photo collage for you. So. Here are the nine photos you liked most from my Instagram account for thecomicscomic┬áin 2015. Granted, I post both professional and personal photos, so you can see what’s tickling all of my fancies. These are the ones that tickled yours, too.

First off, funny in all the ways how Louis CK occupies not only an entire column in the Number 1, 4 and 7 slots, but also is facing the same direction in all three shots! My most popular snap was my covert reverse photobomb of Jon Stewart’s return to The Comedy Cellar for his first time performing stand-up there in many years (and first time onstage doing his own stand-up since leaving The Daily Show). Actually, Jon’s face pops up behind Louis in the fourth photo, as well, right before he took the stage, and right after Louis got offstage. The third Louis CK 2015 shot in my collage is actually not from me, but from another fan attending one of his Madison Square Garden shows at the beginning of the year, when he wrote the words “Charlie Hebdo” on his T-shirt to express solidarity with the satirical French magazine in the wake of a terrorist massacre on them.

The second-most popular Instagram I posted in 2015 is a screengrab of Whitney Cummings from when she guest-hosted The Late Late Show on CBS this past winter. Do you remember that CBS allowed several comedians to take the late-night talker out on test drives in the two months between Craig Ferguson and James Corden? And that Cummings was the only woman offered that chance? Or that she hosted her two nights from the CBS This Morning studio in New York City? With Bridget Everett as her sidekick? Fun times.

My third-most popular Instgram shot was from when I saw Pope Francis in Central Park this summer. Or, rather, my iPhone saw the Pope and Cardinal Dolan amid a sea of people and phones as their custom motorcade passed me by.

Love the fact that center square goes to Variety’s 10 Comics To Watch presentation at Just For Laughs Montreal this July. That’s Ricky Velez, Bridget Everett, Kate Berlant, Nate Bargatze, Tone Bell and Flula Borg — flanked on either side by Variety editor Peter DeBruge and entertainment attorney Jeff Cohen.

You’ve also got me marking the end of one Late Show (with David Letterman) and beginning of another (with Stephen Colbert) outside the Ed Sullivan Theater’s marquee on Broadway. Underscoring just how much late-night TV has changed in the past year.

And bringing it on home for fun, you enjoyed as much as I did when John Oliver set up a fake church and religion to flout America’s tax loopholes for “religious institutions,” and employed Rachel Dratch as his religious surrogate wife for the enterprise. Just one of many delightful romps of satire — that made real progress in terms of laws and policy around the world! — for HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Thanks for liking and sharing.

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