You kids with the satellite TV systems (or the Verizon FiOS plan) know all about Fuel TV and its late-night show, The Daily Habit.

But do you know this: After experimenting with multiple comedians at a time reading their best and favorite Tweets backed by a live band in a segment called “Twit Lounge,” the show now has rebranded it as “Rob Delaney’s Twit Lounge.” So you could have popular Twitter jokester Rob Delaney all to yourselves on the boob tube last night, reciting his Tweets right to your face, as you looked right into his face and body, dressed up in partial black-tie. Jazzy!

Sit back, press play (no, wait, press play, then sit back) and enjoy the Twitter comedy stylings of @robdelaney. Roll the clip!

If you enjoyed that, then you can read more than 140 characters from Delaney in his regular columns for Vice magazine, or via his Tumblr.