Your house could host a comedy show for the TV, if you submit to Tig Notaro’s “Untitled Comedy Tour”

Have you wanted to see live comedy, but not wanted to leave your house to find parking, pay for tickets, deal with drink and food minimums and worry about where you're sitting? Hold on. I could've stopped you at leave your house.

Because Tig Notaro is filming a TV pilot that comes to you. It's called Tig Notaro's Untitled Comedy Tour.


Hey, look! That's Matt Braunger performing in somebody's back yard!

What you have to do to get Notaro and her "surprise celebrity guests" to perform at your house: Post a two-minute video to the Tig Notaro Untitled Comedy Tour Facebook page, by Nov. 23, 2010, telling them why your house should be a tour stop. Be sure to tell them where you live and how you'd present the show, from the staging, lighting, promotion, audience, and where inside or outside you'd like it all done.

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6 thoughts on “Your house could host a comedy show for the TV, if you submit to Tig Notaro’s “Untitled Comedy Tour”

  1. of course we will! We love North Dakota! It has to be in a place where someone lives and eats and sleeps, and you have to have some extra earmuffs for us, but we want you to show us on video over on Facebook why we should come there. Please make sure the people you’re inviting are ok with being on camera!
    Click on the Facebook link.

  2. Tig Notaro would rob you blind if you let her into your house. Plus, she has a very bad case of both ugly face and factitious disorder. She will call police and get you arrested by lying about being harrassed. Years of your life will be ruined because of her diseases.
    Tig Mathilde Notaro belongs in a sewer not your basement.
    Mathilde Notaro(her real name) has a partner in crime that will back up her fake story and they do this just for kicks. Tig Notaro and this Stef Wilen are two very scary and twisted lesbians. Stef Willen is a desperate cow eyed girl who would kill to get the homely and deranged Notaro back so she could have friends and jobs. Otherwise, Stef Willen is lost. . Be very alert when around either Mathilde Notaro or this Stef or Stephanie Willen.

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