So far stand-up comedians are 0-2 in making it past the quarterfinal stage in the 2011 season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent — although, of course, there will be a wild-card addition which gives both J. Chris Newberg and Geechy Guy one more chance to sneak into the semis this summer, if the judges deem it so.

Tonight was Geechy Guy’s turn to feel the heat.

A longtime veteran of stand-up, Geechy Guy had judge Howie Mandel in his corner. But that wasn’t enough. This time. For his quarterfinal performance, NBC hired two women to dress up in whoopie cushion costumes to make him seem more Vegas. Weird? Not as weird as Mandel telling Geechy Guy afterward that he has a very family-friendly act, when Geechy Guy already has a recurring gig in Las Vegas with a show he created called The “Dirty Joke Show” that plays nightly at the Hooters Casino in Vegas.

OK. So here is his quarterfinal performance, as seen Tuesday night on NBC. Amusing to see a couple of old-school East Coasters notice he was on the show (including David Alan Grier), while nobody on my West Coast Twitter feed seemed to pay any attention whatsoever. Roll the clip!

And here is his “exit interview” with NBC. Roll it.

And if you’d like to see Geechy Guy talk about his Dirty Joke Show in Las Vegas, we’ve got the video for you…