So about that guy who threw a shaving cream pie at the face of News Corp. overlord Rupert Murdoch during his live globally-televised testimony before British Parliament.

We all quickly learned that Jonnie Marbles was a comedian, who even made a quip about his act on Twitter @jonniemarbles moments beforehand: “It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done beforeĀ #splat

But his own Twitter profile bio describes himself as an activist first, comedian second.

Was this just a stunt to boost his stand-up comedy career?

Most probably not. Even though pies in the face started as a joke before being known as a political statement — and in America, the shaving cream pie is generally only reserved for baseball players who did something special in a game and are talking to TV crews afterward. And as The Guardian dug into its recent archives, it remembered talking Marbles, whose real name is Jonathan May-Bowles, just eight months ago about his polticial activist group UK Uncut (which distanced itself from yesterday’s pie incident). Here’s that Guardian clip with exclusive footage of May-Bowles talking about and planning a UK Uncut protest at HSBC.

So no. Not a comedy stunt to gain attention. Nor a political stunt by UK Uncut. Just one man angered enough about what Murdoch and his company had done, that if Parliament and Scotland Yard wasn’t going to leave him with egg on his face, May-Bowles would leave him with pie on it.

What about his actual comedy chops, though? Here’s a clip he uploaded in 2009, which has garnered a bunch of new views and negative comments in the past day. Roll it and judge for yourself.