Bill Burr, tour guide? In March, Burr led a driving tour around Los Angeles, where he has been living for the past couple of years when he's not on the road as a touring headliner comedian.

In May, while back in New York City for a weekend of shows at Carolines, Burr hopped in a cab down to Greenwich Village, where he again leads a tour, this time on foot, and this time very nostalgic as he reminisces about living in NYC in the 1990s as a young stand-up and working at the Comedy Cellar, Cafe Wha and the old Boston Comedy Club (which no longer exists). As always with Burr, there is plenty of profanity-laced NSFW language. But he remains funny and engaging. In a way, this is a second take on his DVD extras from "Why I Do This?", in which he also led a walkabout.

So. Come walk with Burr around NYC. Roll the clip!