Day: May 16, 2011

Fall TV previews 2011: Sneak a peek at NBC’s “Whitney” pilot

NBC will debut new sitcom, Whitney, at 9:30 p.m. Thursdays (8:30 p.m. Central/Mountain) after The Office in Fall 2011. This means moving Parks and Recreation back to 8:30 p.m. and pushing 30 Rock to midseason due to Tina Fey's pregnancy. The pilot for Whitney was created and written by Whitney Cummings, who also stars in it alongside fellow stand-up comedian Chris D'Elia as a self-described "happily unmarried couple." When NBC made the series order last week, both Cummings and D'Elia told me a little bit about their parts on the sitcom. Here's what Whitney had to say about Whitney to the NBC cameras:   And now watch the full trailer and individual clips for the pilot episode…   In this scene, it's interesting to watch the chemistry between Cummings and D'Elia, as they clearly are enjoying delivering barbs at each other.    ...

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CBS orders sitcom “How to Be a Gentleman” with Dave Foley, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Rhys Darby

Word on the street has it that CBS has ordered How to Be a Gentleman to series as one of its new sitcoms for Fall 2011. The comedy from creator David Hornsby stars Hornsby as a magazine writer who has to learn about life with the help of his high-school buddy, a personal trainer and other assorted characters in his world. Its co-stars include Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, NewsRadio), Mary Lynn Rajskub (The Larry Sanders Show, 24) and Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords). So far, we've also learned that the Eye Network has ordered Two Broke Girls (from co-creator Whitney Cummings, starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs), canceled Shit My Dad Says and midseason's Mad Love, and plans to reboot Two and a Half Men this fall with Ashton Kutcher, following the firing of Charlie Sheen. More to come later this week when CBS holds its upfront presentation for the media and...

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Mark Your Calendars: “Everyone’s a Comedian” panel, June 8, 2011, at Internet Week New York

My panel at SXSW Interactive 2011 on social media and comedy was so much fun ("F**k Yeah!"), that when The Comedy Store's Alf LaMont told me about Internet Week New York, it took me no time at all to say, let's do it again! But different. So. Please. Come and join me, Alf, Michael Ian Black, Sara Benincasa and a wild card to be announced shortly for the panel "Everyone's a Comedian" at Internet Week New York 2011. It's all happening at 2 p.m. June 8, 2011, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th Street, New York, NY 10011. From the description I wrote up for it: "Comedy is Hard, So Why is Everyone Doing It Online? A look at how Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube has made everybody — and we mean everybody — feel like they're now comedians. From Charlie Sheen to Pro Wrestlers, from Taco Bell To GM. Why it's important to separate the pros from the amateurs, and what it takes to move from the latter to the former. Comedians, Comedy Bloggers, and Industry professionals discuss the comedic takeover of the Internet and how you and your business can profit from the use of some levity in your marketing." Speakers: Sean McCarthy, Editor/Blogger The Comic‚Äôs Comic – Michael Ian Black, COO of WitStream, Author, Comedian, Actor – Sara Benincasa, Award-Winning Comedian, Writer & Radio Talk Show Host – Alf...

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Sketchfest NYC announces full schedule for 2011

I'd already told you about the headlining acts for the 7th annual Sketchfest NYC coming in June. Among them: A panel with The Whitest Kids U Know, record-setting efforts for the URDB, Channel 101, and Marvel Comics' "What The" series. Now they've unveiled the full lineup, happening June 8-11, 2011, at the UCB Theatre in NYC. Check it out… WEDNESDAY, JUNE 87:00 PM The Solo Show w/I Am The Horizon, Paul Thomas, and Fraidy Cat. Hosted by Megan Kellie8:00 PM Inside Joke Films + Gramps9:00 PM Team Submarine + This Is About Smith10:00 PM Kurt & Kristen11:00 PM 101.9RXP presents Sketch Rocks, Hosted by Jimmy The GreekMidnight Channel 101 THURSDAY, JUNE 97:00 PM Paul Thomas + FreeLoveForum8:00 PM Fraidy Cat + BoF9:00 PM Fantasy Grandma + BriTANick10:00 PM URDB ‚Äì Live!11:00 PM The Pyramid Shew + New Exc!tementMidnight The Puterbaugh Sisters Variety Hour w/Neon Lights, The CowMen, and Leibya Rogers FRIDAY, JUNE 107:00 PM Klepper & Grey + The Riot Act8:00 PM Pangea 3000 + Harvard Sailing Team9:00 PM Whitest Kids U Know10:00 PM Comedy Central Digital Showcase11:00 PM Rue Brutalia + MurderfistMidnight Surprise Feature Film Screening SATURDAY, JUNE 111:00 PM The Onion News Network Panel2:30 PM Marvel‚Äôs What The? Panel4:00 PM The Whitest Kids U Know Panel ‚Äì Moderated by The Onion AV Club‚Äôs Steve Heisler6:00 PM I Am The Horizon + Two Fun Men7:00 PM The Other Other Guys8:00 PM Seeder & Lee9:00 PM Oh Brother!10:00 PM Heavyweight11:00 PM MEAT + Elephant LarryMidnight The Rejection Show presents SketchFest NYC‚Äôs Closing Night...

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Fall TV previews 2011: Sneak a peek at NBC’s “Free Agents” pilot

NBC's new sitcom, Free Agents, will debut in the 8:30 p.m. Wednesday timeslot. It stars Hank Azaria and Kathyrn Hahn as co-workers with benefits. Sort of. The workplace comedy also has roles for stand-up comedians Al Madrigal, Mo Mandel and Natasha Leggero. And Jo Lo Truglio has a role as the building's security guard. Let's roll the clips from the pilot! This full trailer sets out the scene, although I think some of the individual clips are funnier when given more of a context. Alrighty then…   I like what Mandel and Madrigal are doing in this scene, for example.   And in this scene, we see Leggero and hear the word "ass-hats."    ...

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