Trump-free clips! Watch all of the stand-up sets from The Celebrity Apprentice’s comedy show at Gotham

Nobody wants to see more of Donald Trump on television, and yet, there he is, the Golden Combover himself, day after day, shouting about something or other but mostly about himself. So it was with great reluctance last weekend that I found myself watching the first hour of The Celebrity Apprentice, because I heard they were putting the has-been and wannabe famous again famous people through their paces for a stand-up comedy show at Gotham Comedy Club right here in New York City.

You didn't get to see too much of the actual comedy on NBC last Sunday. But the network was gracious enough to supply the full footage online, so all of the comedians can get their proper time to shine.

Plus, you'll get to see who really made Billie Jean King, Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline laugh. Unless you have a true conspiracy theory about editing.

Let's roll the clips! The big one you did see was NBC's own Jimmy Fallon writing and singing a special song for the occasion with his country voice, called "You're Fired."


Now for all of the rest…

Jon Fisch on being bald and beautiful:


Lil Jon described Rachel Feinstein as "the sexy lady with a dirty ass mouth!" Check it:


Kyle Grooms got his Obama impersonation on TV, but here's more about the country and the city (NYC and Detroit!):


Here Meatloaf introduces Jessica Kirson, and she clearly gets the audience to laugh wildly at her!


Wali Collins describes how different married life is from being single:


Lil Jon brings on Rich Francese to represent the Italian generation before the "Jersey Shore" Italians.


And because you made it this far, here are two more clips from Jimmy Fallon that night that didn't make it on TV. First, he sings "Balls in Your Mouth." Inspired by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It'll all make sense soon enough. How did this not make it onto primetime network TV? Oh, that's right. Balls in your mouth.


And then Jimmy Fallon channelled Bruce Springsteen with "You Spit When You Talk." This clip includes a bleeped moment! Nice. And it appears to be genuine and in the moment. Even nicer. Also, I have a crush on the redheaded woman in the audience. That is all.

Roll it.


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