In this video interview with Social Times, CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen explains how the site — and in essence, other online destinations — can earn money (aka monetize) from making funny videos.

Van Veen talks about the evolving mood of the collective online audience, as we're now more willing to watch (or put up with) pre-roll, post-roll and other ads in videos, and how he thinks we'll eventually be willing to pay and/or subscribe for them. He also reveals how and why CollegeHumor launched a T-shirt business, Busted Tees.

Roll it!


Want to learn more of the history of CollegeHumor? Here's video of Van Veen explaining how they got into the game early. Web 1.0, people. And how have they stayed relevant to today's college kids in Web 2.011…