Colin & Brad: Two Man Group (DVD review)

As Drew Carey gets the improv comedy gang back together next week for the start of his new GSN series, Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, you may have wondered what the rest of the gang has been up to since Whose Line is it Anyway? ended and Carey began hosting The Price is Right.

Wayne Brady has joined Carey in the CBS daytime game-show lineup, taking over the reins of the revival of Let's Make a Deal. Ryan Stiles took on a recurring role on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. As for Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood? They've kept doing short-form improv games for audiences across North America, and they have a new DVD showcasing their efforts, Colin & Brad: Two Man Group.

Filmed before a live audience in Milwaukee, it's more than a little bit gimmicky. Take, for example, this finale in which the duo performs barefoot and blindfolded while onstage with 270 mousetraps. Roll the clip!


As you can see, they're both clad in black. And outside of the final bit, Mochrie and Sherwood incorporate audience members into their improv comedy games, which include "Moving Bodies" and "Sound Effects." The latter scene showcases how well the two comics can work off of the oftentimes unpredictable sounds coming from the audience, which is more than often as audience members are not always the most reliable and professional voiceover artists.

The other two stand-out bits include a "Sideways Scene" in which Mochrie and Sherwood lie down, and with a different camera angle from the ceiling, use the new dimensions to perform a "kung fu soap opera" full of visual gags," and a scene in which they exchange words as an expert taking questions from the audience.

The DVD includes a seven-minute piece on "The DO's and DONT's of Improv," which is played much more lightweight than you'd think, as well as mock interviews with/of each other.

If you can put your tongue firmly into your cheek, and you already enjoy short-form improv games, then you'll get what you came for in Colin & Brad: Two Man Group.

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Colin & Brad: Two Man Group

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