Here they are: Your New Faces class of 2010 at Just For Laughs Montreal

Here is the list everyone in comedy has been waiting for the past year to see, your New Faces at the 2010 Just For Laughs Montreal comedy festival, performing for live audiences and the industry of show business tonight, Wednesday and Thursday…

New Faces 1 

Fortune Feimster

Andy Haynes

Colin Jost

Mike Lawrence

Joe Mande

Justin Schlegel

Jason Weems

Jack Whitehall

Nick Vatterott

Melissa Villasenor

New Faces 2 

James Adomian

Fahim Anwar

Jesse Case

Karl Hess

Adrienne Iapalucci

Adrian Mesa

Ms. Pat

Ben Roy

Mike Vecchione

Josh Wade

Sean L. McCarthy

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16 thoughts on “Here they are: Your New Faces class of 2010 at Just For Laughs Montreal

  1. Hey Sean, if you have an additional 20 hours to spare of free time, would be great to see some sort of “decade in review” for all of the new faces in 2000. Is it really the big break that comics hope for, or just another credit and opportunity to be seen?

  2. Pretty great class. I’ve seen Fahim since the first time he stepped on stage in Seattle as a Junior in High School, and we thought back then, “This Chinese girl’s pretty good.”
    Oh, and Haynes always looks like he just lost beer money on a hand of poker, even when he’s happy.
    Congrats ever’boddy!

  3. It’s nice to see Ben Roy amongst this group. Most people don’t know it, but Denver has a lot of great comedians and Ben is just one of them.

  4. Hey Sean, can you change James Adomian and Jesse Case’s pics to head-shots, instead of facebook pics? Thanks!

  5. Great lineup. Mike Lawrence is one of my favorite comics right now so it’s great to see him among the New Faces. Andy Haynes is really funny and Joe Mande’s stuff on Videogum is beyond hilarious – but, to be honest, I haven’t seen much of his stand up. (Upload more clips, Joe Mande. We can’t all live in NYC!) James Adomian has been great on Last Comic Standing and Adrienne Iapalucci is great – I’m actually surprised she didn’t make it further in the competition. What I’ve seen of Karl Hess has been really funny – in stand up clips and on Twitter. Happy to see Nick Vatterott on the list too.

  6. Have seen Ben Roy several times, both stand up and improv, and he’s always hilarious. Glad to see him on the list.

  7. I saw Colin Jost on Jimmy Fallon Friday night and he did a bit on facebook that was great. It has been left out of the video here and on Jimmy’s website. Is there a reason?

  8. Yeah, about John’s comment above, what’s the deal with that? Every clip of Colin Jost on Jimmy Fallon on the internet has the Facebook bit deleted. The whole joke is about how powerful Facebook is, and now it looks like they have the power of censoring harmless jokes about them…go figure. Since when is someone so powerful that comedians are prohibited from joking about them. Am I living in China now?

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