Michael Ian Black’s Taco Bell campaign hits one week after sitting on my Social Media and Comedy panel

Coincidence? I think not.


On Sunday, March 13, 2011, comedian Michael Ian Black sat down with me, Marc Maron and others for a special panel at SXSW called "Social Media and Comedy: F**k Yeah!" (photographed above by Carlos Miller). Among several topics, we discussed how comedians can use the Internet's social networks to further their careers. Black, for his part, revealed how he has used Twitter in the past to garner attention to himself.

And eight days later, he did done gone and proved it again.

Michael Ian Black wrote this yesterday on Twitter: "Decided to start a massive Twitter campaign to get @tacobell to hire me as their spokesman. First step: I need a hashtag."

Since then, his campaign attracted attention from a wide array of people, including Jake Fogelnest and Meghan McCain, whom normally might not agree on much else. But they agree on MIB's bid to become the Taco Bell spokesperson. It's not as if it's a ridiculous idea. Black pitched Sierra Mist for years. He has spoken for Klondike bars and Pets.com. He told Vh1 how much he loved the 1980s.

In less than 24 hours, he received this reply from Taco Bell:


So what's next?

A series of video pitches to President Barack Obama, obviously.


If you had attended our SXSW panel, you could have seen this coming. Or maybe you could have figured out how to do it yourself!


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