Eugene Mirman is ready to host his second annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival this coming Sept. 17-20, 2009, in Brooklyn. As you can see, he's already got some great talent lined up to perform, and if its anything like last year — which included canvas bags and laminates to make you feel like it was a real comedy fest, which it was — then you should mark your calendars, and then when your calendar hits these days, then you should go to the festival.

Among some of the themed shows on the program, Mirman has announced: "Why Talented People Create Such Terrible Shows,” “I’ll Be Famous In Five Years (or a Copy Writer),” “The Comedians of Law & Order,” a reunion of the former East Village comedy staple “Invite Them Up,” and many more, including an opening night super-gala featuring the world’s first cardboard VIP room." If you'd like to help out, and by help, contribute money, food and other fun things, then Mirman wants to hear from you. Just follow the instructions in the ad pictured here.