If the situation wasn't worse for people portrayed as New Jersey "reality" "stars," then just wait until they hear what "Queen of Mean" Lisa Lampanelli has to say about them in her new stand-up special, "Tough Love."

It debuts March 27 on Comedy Central, and then on an extended DVD on April 5.

Here's a first look at a section of the insult comedian's targets called ‚ÄúRoast of Worthless Americans,‚Äù which includes not only the casts of MTV's Jersey Shore, Bravo's Real Housewives of Jersey, Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, Brad Pitt, Jessica Simpson and others. First, a clip of Lampanelli insulting "Snooki" and "The Situation."


And here she is moving her sights toward the "real" "housewives" of New Jersey.


If you like what you see, you can pre-order "Tough Love" as DVD via Amazon.com: