I was looking for footage of Mo'Nique's acceptance speech from last night's Academy Awards, since it's more than a little bit notable when a stand-up comedian wins an Oscar (as Alec Baldwin joked to his co-host, Steve Martin). In her many speeches and appearances this awards season, Mo'Nique has talked about how personal of a project Precious was for her. And she did so again last night with Barbara Walters.

But I also found this. Some of you remember that Mo'Nique went to an Ohio womens' prison a few years ago for a stand-up special, I Coulda Been Your Cellmate. It's all on Hulu. Note: In addition to normal Hulu restrictions, since the special is rated R, you need to sign in to view it. She was making bidet jokes years before SNL. Check it.

She also produced a documentary interviewing some of the prisoners, called Behind Bars. The first two inmates Mo'Nique meets both were victims, indirectly and directly, of sexual abuse. This is on Hulu, also.

And here is a clip of Mo'Nique from Precious talking about letting her daughter, spoiler alert city, fall victim of the same crime.