Yowie zowie! Watch Gil Ozeri watch two and a half days of “Two and a Half Men” for Funny or Die

There are those who make jokes out of Charlie Sheen this week, and then there's what Gil Ozeri is doing this weekend, which is watching all eight seasons of Two and a Half Men. In a row. With friends and porn stars stopping by to say hi. All broadcast live online. Ozeri will lock himself in a room sometime around about 9 a.m. Pacific (noon Eastern) on Friday. You can watch and interact with him on Yowie!


I asked him how he plans on doing this, exactly? Ozeri hasn't ever seen an episode, so he'll be watching all 177 episodes for the first time via DVD or iTunes. Do the math: 177 episodes X 21.5 minutes = 3,805.5 minutes = 63 hours = Two and a half days.

Are there any ground rules? Ozeri replied: "The rules will be presented tomorrow and in the Funny or Die video, but here they are:
  a) I must be in audible distance from the TV set.
  b) I cannot avert my eyes for more than 30 seconds.
  c) I am allowed to go to the bathroom, but only have five minutes.
  d) I will be given two tokens of 2.5 hours of each for sleep. I can only use them every 24 hours!"

"I thought of it months ago, but Charlie getting arrested in the hotel room was the thing that got it back in my head. I originally had counted the episodes on Wikipedia and when I discovered that it would be exactly 2.5 days I was like – I have to do this. I discussed it with Curtis (Gwinn) and he was like – we have to do this. I approached Funny or Die and they were like – we want to do this! And with Sheen losing his mind, it seemed like the perfect time!"

For those of you who don't have an entire weekend to spend online with Ozeri to see if he also loses his mind in the process, not to worry. Gwinn will be directing a video of Ozeri's stunt for Funny or Die.

And if you are watching, Ozeri promises that along with Gwinn, he'll welcome visits from comedians Paul Scheer, John Gemberling, Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, Emily Strachan and Paul Rust, plus visits from actual porn stars.

Sounds like a winning idea? Sorry. Obligatory. Obviously.

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3 thoughts on “Yowie zowie! Watch Gil Ozeri watch two and a half days of “Two and a Half Men” for Funny or Die

  1. Watching Angus Jones grow up in 2 and a half days is going to be trippy.
    I get scared when I see the new intro where he morphs from a boy into a giant man-child

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