Which Today Show personality is trying her hands at stand-up comedy? Al Roker? Good guess, but no. Matt Lauer? Despite his girlish hands, it won’t be him. Didn’t you read the headline on this post? It’s Ann Curry. Here is photographic evidence of Curry with Gilbert Gottfried, and no, they’re not an item, but imagining the two of them together, in that way, could be comedy to some.

Curry met with Gottfried recently at the Comic Strip Live for some pointers, and apparently this is part of some sort of wacky Today segment that has anchors facing their fears. If you watch Today, do you get the sense that Curry fears comedy? Hmmm. She will be taking the stage in front of a live audience at Carolines sometime next week (Jossip is saying Monday, July 7). If Curry thinks she can make a run at my title as New York’s Funniest Reporter, well, then, I say the more, the merrier. Bring it on, TV anchors!