There will be a lucky 13th annual Del Close Marathon, and the Upright Citizens Brigade has announced that the celebration of improvised comedy will happen Aug. 12-14, 2011, at the UCB Theatre in New York City (as well as other nearby venues).

Submissions for DCM13 are due May 9.

The DCM submission form is longer than usual, and that's because UCB staffers revealed that "last year some teams lied about who they were and where they were from to take advantage of the fact that, well, we try to trust people. (Congrats! You got us!) So now we have to ask teams to be more thorough in proving their credentials."

So remember, kids, please leave the make-em-ups for the stage and not for your DCM applications.

With so many UCBers getting successful on screens small (TV) and big (movies) and going Hollywood, it'll be interesting to see how many of them make it back to NYC this August. Hopefully all of them!