The NY Post “rediscovers” comedy

The New York Post has two staffers who double as stand-up comedians, and one regular freelancer who writes about comedy, and yet, they felt like publishing this two-page piece about New York City’s "underground" comedy scene. What? The? Insert Your Own Expletive?

Did this story start as something else entirely, as some friends have alleged? Is this yet another case of the mainstream media, or rather, all of the media that’s not me, remaining clueless to what’s going on in comedy? Why didn’t the Post staffers get a chance to inject a bit of accuracy into this article? Discuss.

CLARIFICATION! Upon further review, I overreacted a bit. Harsher than I needed to be. Especially after meeting the reporter in question on Tuesday (March 11) at Sweet. Turns out she does know her quote-unquote "underground" comedy. Still feel like the story needlessly made the mainstream club scene out to be completely worthless so the "underground" comedy scene could appear to be a shining beacon of goodness. Heard her tell a comedian that she needed to make it more sensational to get it into print. And since she works for the Post, you want to believe that’s true, don’t you?

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