Comedy Central Presents: Michael Kosta

Michael Kosta is a tennis player and the youngest child in his family. I don't need to tell you those things, however, because Kosta gets into both of those topics in his first half-hour Comedy Central Presents, which debuted on Friday night.

What he didn't say then, because he didn't know it then, was that Kosta also is filming a game-show pilot for NBC with retired NFL legend Jerry Rice. That show is called, well, Catch.

In the meantime, catch up with some of Kosta's comedy. He opens with some advice about drinking and wearing contact lenses. Not a good idea. Crowd work off the top? Go for it. Pound. Explode. Roll it!


More clips after the jump!

Here's the part where Kosta describes his past as a high-school, college and professional tennis player. Wanna see his trophy?


Youngest child is funniest child? It helps if you get stuck with a dumb nickname. Starts them young with the torment.


Speaking of family torment, Kosta's parents want to be friends with him on Spacebook? Not going to happen. Here's his argument about how mothers are ruining their children's lives by being on Facebook.


More crowd work? You betcha. This time, in between handing out his cards to the ladies, he's doling out advice on dealing with parking tickets, shark attacks and crocodile tickets. "It's not just jokes all the time up here!"


While Kosta may hit on the ladies, he's also got an exception to the rule, but only for certain fellas. Hold on. He'll tell you if you made the list. Did you make the cut?


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