What’s Your Calling? Adam McKay talks “Anchorman,” “The Other Guys,” and chasing the funny feeling

A new documentary debuting tonight on PBS isn't particularly meant to be funny. The Calling follows seven young Americans as they follow their religious faiths to serve humanity. But in a side project called What's Your Calling?, the filmmakers have expanded the idea to just about anyone and everyone to discuss their own callings in life.

The initial entries include a brief discussion with comedian Adam McKay, former founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, former head writer of SNL, and current Funny or Die leader and filmmaker of such works as Anchorman and The Other Guys. McKay talks about those two films, his own upbringing, a desire to produce absurd, subversive laughs that relate to teens who feel all alone in the sticks, and chasing and capturing those funny feelings on film.

Roll it.



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