A year ago, I had the privilege of visiting the set of the upcoming movie, Due Date, starring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr.

I watched as director Todd Phillips shot the "meet-cute" scene early in the film — with the airport in Ontario, Calif., subbing for the airport in Atlanta — as Zach and RDJ get into a fender-bender outside the terminal. They're both passengers, and their drivers are played by comedians Bobby Tisdale and Brody Stevens. After the scene played out over several takes to allow Zach and RDJ to improvise some introductory zingers toward one another, they took a break for lunch.

Inside Zach's trailer, he kindly offered to interview Brody on my behalf. Brody talks about how he started in comedy, as well as his secrets to warming up a studio audience at a TV taping. This is the full uncut footage I shot of that. Roll it!