Review: A few words about “Words, Words, Words,” on CD or DVD from Bo Burnham

If you want to know what bowled over the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, then you can see and/or listen for yourself as Bo Burnham's Words, Words, Words is out now in separate CD and DVD formats.

I was at Burnham's CD recording in June at Carolines on Broadway. Burnham may look like a lanky 20-year-old, but his comedy stature continues to grow as he strives to prove that he's more than just a kid who posted YouTube videos from his bedroom. On Words, Words, Words, already his second disc for Comedy Central Records, Burnham steps away from the keyboard to showcase his lyrical flair for wordplay accompanied by a guitar, in haikus, statistics, traditional stand-up, meta parodies of stand-up, and even a famous Shakespearean soliloquy. His CD cover puts his words all over his face. On the DVD, Burnham ups the ante by having his entire act printed out on giant boards behind him onstage.

It's a sophomore effort that, coming from a kid who coulda woulda shoulda be a sophomore at NYU, is already deserving of high honors.

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Here's the new music video for the studio version of his track, "OH BO."


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