Day: August 13, 2010

Exit Interview: Last Comic Standing 7 runner-up Tommy Johnagin

In it to win it until the final minutes, Tommy Johnagin was the runner-up in the seventh season of NBC's Last Comic Standing. Johnagin, with two appearances on Letterman under his belt as well as a half-hour Comedy Central special before entering the competition, will not have to be put on Suicide Watch. At least that's what he told me when I called him last night and pretended to be Barry Katz, interrupting Johnagin's pre-show meal of chicken fingers at the Funny Bone in Omaha. Fun facts! Want more? This is his exit interview. Name: Tommy JohnaginAge: 27 Hometown: Benton, Ill.Current city of residence: St. Louis, Mo. Tell me about the first time you did stand-up: Open mic when I was 18 and an hour-and-a-half from home. I talked about Siamese twins. Exactly as funny as it sound. Did you audition for Last Comic Standing before, and if so, how did that/those experiences go? I auditioned three years ago and made the semi-finals. It was a great experience and I'm glad I didn't make the finals until this year If you said yes, then what did you learn from your past experiences that helped you move further in the competition this year? I learned how to lose. The most helpful thing was knowing how awkward the first audition in front of the judges would be. When did you think...

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Exit Interview: Last Comic Standing 7 finalist Roy Wood Jr.

He may have finished third on your programs for NBC's Last Comic Standing, season seven, but Roy Wood Jr. remains number one in the hearts and minds of his hometown in Birmingham, Ala., and perhaps in yours as well. This is his official Exit Interview with The Comic's Comic. Name: Roy Wood Jr. Age: 31 Hometown: Birmingham, AL Current city of residence: Los Angeles, CA Tell me about the first time you did stand-up: Nov. 1998. 19 years old. The first time I did stand up comedy was at an open mic night in Birmingham at the Comedy Club Stardome. Open Mic. It was only once a month so I‚Äôd ride the Greyhound up from Tallahassee. At the time I was still in school @ Florida A&M Univ. the bulk of my early years of comedy was doing open mics around B‚Äôham, Atlanta, & most of the Florida Panhandle. There‚Äôs no real comedy ‚Äònucleus‚Äô in the south like NYC or L.A. so there was a lot of driving back then to get stage time. Did you audition for Last Comic Standing before, and if so, how did that/those experiences go? 2002 Atlanta – Didn‚Äôt get past the morning audition. I was out there at 8am didn‚Äôt get seen until 4pm. And when I got in the room I barely got my first joke out. In hindsight it was good that...

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Exit Interview: Last Comic Standing 7 finalist Mike DeStefano

Mike DeStefano finished fourth in the seventh season of NBC's Last Comic Standing. In his final words on camera, DeStefano cursed out anyone who had failed to vote for him or support him.  If you want to go deeper into Mike DeStefano's dark worldview, which actually makes more sense if you give it a listen, then you can read my previous interview with him, then hear more than an hour of his NSFW stand-up comedy on his new CD, OK Karma. In the meantime, here is his official "Exit Interview" with The Comic's Comic, which we recorded overnight on the steps outside the Comedy Cellar in NYC. Roll...

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Ellen DeGeneres dances on season finale of “So You Think You Can Dance”

I know people are split on the very notion of America's favorite lesbian also being America's favorite dancer, and we all know there can be only one Dancing Boy, so what are we to make of Ellen DeGeneres showing up to dance on the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance? Well, she had to learn choreography. And as they show a clip of the guy she replaced in the routine, you can tell that they slowed it up a bit for her. Otherwise, you'll have to judge for yourselves. Roll...

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Exit Interview: Last Comic Standing 7 finalist Myq Kaplan

The record will show that Myq Kaplan finished fifth on the seventh season of NBC's Last Comic Standing, although as judge Natasha Leggero said, if it were Last Comic Writer Standing, he would've won. Also if it were Last Comic Who Changed His First Name Standing. And other things. Time for a debriefing. This is Myq Kaplan's exit interview. Name: Myq Kaplan Age: 31Hometown: Boston (among others)Current city of residence: Various New York/New Jersey area locationsTell me about the first time you did stand-up: The first time I performed in a comedy club, I was a college student in Boston aiming to be a singer-songwriter, and found that the Comedy Studio in Cambridge was amenable to my playing a few funny songs one night, so I did that. Louis CK, Jonathan Katz, and other great comedians were on the show, and I had mostly no idea who they were (Katz I knew), because I didn't know much about comedy at all. I'm not even sure if that counts as my first time doing standup, but I performed music at that club a few more times over the next couple years, until I decided I didn't want to lug a guitar around all the time, and that just talking to the audience seemed like even more fun. So at some point I just did that. Tada. Did you audition for Last Comic Standing...

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