If you wonder, what good is it to try out for Last Comic Standing if you're not going to make it to the finals, well, I've noticed that a few of the semifinalists already have cashed in with new late-night TV credits — Kurt Metzger did Fallon a couple of weeks ago, Mike Vecchione is on Leno this week, and last night, Shane Mauss had a set on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But what's with the 1980s-era cliche brick wall comedy boom makeshift club stage that Kimmel's staff has set up here? I know at heart it's more about the corporate beer sponsorship, but still, a little distracting to see Mauss (or anyone) perform in front of cardboard walls faked to look like cliche brick. The spotlight also makes the lighting weird.

While I continue to mutter to myself like the old man I am becoming, you sit back and watch the clip. Mauss manages to get in another joke on TV at the expense of his real-life girlfriend. The streak is alive! Roll it.