If you haven't listened to Marc Maron's interview with Carlos Mencia that went online on Monday on Maron's WTF podcast, then you can just skip ahead to today's second part, because it's much more revealing. Maron himself felt that his first chat with Mencia hadn't really uncovered much, so he reached out to Willie Barcena and Steve Trevino, then texted Mencia and said he needed a follow-up discussion. That happened quickly.

Their conversation goes for a while, and Mencia's emotional state veers between defensive and contrite. At one point, he even acknowledges that comedians and the comedy world would love nothing more than to hear him apologize. And then much later, at the end of their chat, Mencia indeed apologizes, and tells Maron that he had "never been confronted like this about why I go onstage like this for so long."

Mencia said: "I don't want to be that person anymore."

He's talking specifically about bumping headliners at comedy clubs. But then he's also talking about being the comedian that everyone thinks is a lying, cheating asshole. It's become a "ridiculous" situation, Mencia said. So his message to people who think he's taking a joke of theirs that they think will take them to the next level? "Call me, and I'll drop it."

"I guess I really do want to be perceived as a nice guy."

Menciawtf To that end, Mencia even has been acknowledging the @replies heading his way on Twitter @carlosmencia and offering replies of his own. And he promoted the first part of his WTF podcast interview on Monday, knowing full well that the second part would be hitting the Internet now.

I don't know how it will affect your perception of Carlos Mencia, or Ned Holness for that matter, as a comedian or as a person. For me, it's refreshing to hear him finally confront the situation and attempt to address it in an honest fashion. Hopefully moving forward, Mencia can find peace not only offstage with other comedians, but also onstage with himself.

Listen to Marc Maron talk to Willie Barcena and Steve Trevino about Carlos Mencia, then with Mencia himself, on the WTF podcast.