What’s on Carlos Mencia’s mind? An “Americanizer” bit, and he tries explaining himself to Marc Maron

Marc Maron sat down recently with Carlos Mencia and tried to figure out what makes Mencia tick, as well as what has made Mencia tick off so many other comedians. Turns out one installment of Maron's WTF podcast would not be enough, as (spoiler alert) Maron decides at the end that he needs to follow-up with some additional questions. So look for that later this week. Listen to part one of Marc Maron and Carlos Mencia on WTF here.

In the meantime, here is the sketch that Mencia referred to early in his conversation with Maron — Mencia said it's exactly what you think it would be, a spoof on infomercials that's promoting an "Americanizer kit" for illegal immigrants to fit in and not be outed by Arizona's law enforcement. Roll the clip!

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3 thoughts on “What’s on Carlos Mencia’s mind? An “Americanizer” bit, and he tries explaining himself to Marc Maron

  1. Joe Rogan is the biggest HACK out there. He is an unfunny miserable SOB who was jealous of Mencia’s success and wanted to tarnish his reputation. I’m sure Mencia did steal from comics but I can promise you this, he didn’t steal any more than Rogan does. Up to this day Rogan is a theif, not only of jokes but of anything that he absorbs in his 20 hour day of pot smoking and listening to podcasts on the internet and stealing ideas from people who are way smarter and funnier than he is, which would be about half of population who don’t even call themselves comics. Rogan HAD to sell out and do fear factor because he would NEVER have been successful as a comic because the guy just isn’t funny. He is a ball of negative sexist trash and his closeted homosexuality. The guy is a closet case and it’s sad to see someone so broken who has completely lost his soul. It’s just a shame he doesn’t only inflict his misery and hatred only on himself and his unfortunate offspring where it belongs, no, he inflicts his disgustingness all over the internet. He has an auto-adder on twitter which makes it seem like he’s got this big audience and the only reason he is on the iTunes front page, just like Marc Maron and Carolla is because they post every week. They are a bunch of dick joke losers who all compliment each other and they are as phony as any other LA phony BS.
    The only thing this video ever did was show Joe Rogan for the bully that he is, AND a MAJOR hypocrite of the most insidious kind, someone who accuses people he is jealous of for doing the VERY things HE DOES!
    Rogaine also accused Dane Cook of stealing from him too. Give me a f’cking break. Then he makes up with him because he’s not as jealous and envious of him at the moment. Rogan has completely stolen ideas from people on the internet. So does Marc Maron, he spins off jokes from podcasters that are not known in the comedy world. They are ALL HACKS! For them to accuse each other of stealing “IS” THEE JOKE ITSELF! Funnier than any “comedy” they pretend they create. A typical bunch of unfunny jackasses talking to 15 year wayward loser boys on the internet, spreading their brand of juvenile junky hate.

  2. Do you just go from site to site posting the same comment, JRIAD?
    Back your silly claims up.

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