For any professional comedian who works west of the Rocky Mountains, the word "Tribble" is not a Star Trek reference but rather, a way of life. Or of making a living. The hard way. Yes, my friends, I speak of the "TribbleRun," which for a quarter-century now, has been sending stand-up comedians on the road for a series of one-nighters throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, extending even into Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona. Stand-ups drive for entire days just to get from one gig to the next, all to make a buck. It's a very real thing that exists, continues to exist — here's the official TribbleRun site online — and is run by a real-life man named Dave Tribble.

I finally met Dave Tribble and his wife, Laura (who makes a cameo at the very end of the video), between showcases at the Mt. Tabor Theater for the 2010 Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Ore. So if you've ever wanted to hear about the TribbleRun from the man himself, sit back and watch. Enjoy!