It's nice to see that FX has some of its new promo commercials for Louis CK's upcoming sitcom, Louie, are online for all to see. Is it weird that when we see an ad nowadays, we immediately think we can go online and find it to see again and again? No, that's not weird. Is this weird, though: Louie still looks very much like a more honest, in-your-face, 21st-century version of Seinfeld, with clips of the comedian performing his actual routines at the Comedy Cellar in NYC, spliced with semi-autobiographical dramatizations of his routines. You can see that Ricky Gervais (already a big fan of Louis CK) is on board as the comedian's doctor, while it looks as though comedian Chelsea Peretti is fulfilling the role of composite character girlfriend, or at least that role for one long extended bad date. Roll the clips!

Here's the second one: