Behind the CCP: Chad Daniels

Comedy Central Presents returns tonight with a new half-hour from Chad Daniels.

His backdrop, a map of the state of Minnesota, echoes the first image you encounter on his online home page. Here is what I noted from the taping of his special back in August. Nine minutes into his set, Daniels yelled at the audience for not laughing enough. "I’ll wait while they edit in the laughter," he said from the stage at the Hudson Theater in New York City. Maybe they weren’t getting him? If they didn’t get him then, would they turn around in his favor when he told jokes about how watching T-ball is like watching the Special Olympics, then defended his use of "retarded" jokes, then followed that up with a joke about a stuttering kid? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out, won’t you?

Not that I’d want to ever start a feud with Chad Daniels. Here is a clip from a pre-interview with Comedy Central, in which Daniels describes an encounter with another comic (bleeped).

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Updated! Two clips with actual laughter (no need for editing on these) from his CCP after the jump…

On why Chad Daniels likes the English language best:

He saw a really tall woman. Running. In an airport.

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