Before you can say May Day, May Day, you have to remember that there's still this last day in April, and it got started with not one but two tributes to OK Go's Rube Goldberg machine that made their music video for "This Too Shall Pass" watchable again and again and again.

Stephen Colbert had the band on his The Colbert Report last night, and to kick off the show, he got Syyn Labs to create a customized Rube Goldberg machine to start the credits rolling. Short but sweet. Roll it!

But he wasn't the only one with Rubes and Goldbergs and OKs and Gos on the brains. The Station went retro and reworked the lyrics to make you nostaglic for the game Mousetrap. Did you own that game? Did you enjoy owning that game? Roll the clip and find out.

And because you need a third one to complete the rule of threes, here's an oldie but goodie from the fellas at Mythbusters. Roll it!