NY1’s Pat Kiernan moderates a panel on Twitter and comedy, then shares what he enjoys about it

The two-day 140 Characters Conference in New York City ended its first full day of sessions yesterday with a panel on Twitter and comedy, moderated by NY1's morning anchor Pat Kiernan @patkiernan, with panelists: The Onion's editor Joe Randazzo @Randazzoj, Witstream's Lisa Cohen @cohills, comedian Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack, and comic artist Michael Kupperman @MKupperman.

Kiernan did his homework and kept the panel moving, even if MIB used salty enough language that I'd classify this archived footage as not safe for work. They talk about what makes for a funny Tweet and how this social medium helps comedians. You can watch the whole Twitter and Comedy panel at your leisure here.

Afterward, I caught up with Pat Kiernan for a few moments. One of his best-known NY1 traits is his dry humor; another is his ability to pick out newspaper articles worth your time, which he also shares online as Pat's Papers. If you're not from NYC, you may remember Kiernan as the host of the short-lived VH1 game show The World Series of Pop Culture. As the one person on the panel who didn't have an explicit agenda of trying to be funny on Twitter, I was curious to know how Kiernan felt about comedy on Twitter and what entertained him. Turns out he enjoys the observational slices of life. Here, let him tell you:

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  1. Gah! Half an hour too late, I just submitted my paper on the entertainment industry and new media. I used a couple quotes from clips you posted of Sarah Silverman and Nick Kroll. Thanks for helping me with my homework!!

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