Beer With Shakes: Derrick comedy’s magical “Mystery Team” movie tour

With all of the talk this week about YouTube's "Fred" getting his very own feature film, I wanted to make sure you didn't forget that there already is an actually funny movie starring, written, directed and fully produced by Derrick, the formerly NYC-based sketch group that recently relocated to Hollywood.

So, time for another peek with the makers of Mystery Team. Don't let the shaky camera work fool you. It's just the debut of the web series that's going to sweep the nation, "Beer With Shakes." Very literal, this one. Not for me, but for my guests. I sat down with three-fifths of Derrick comedy in between screenings of their debut feature film, Mystery Team, in NYC. It's playing at the Quad Cinema here for another week. And if you see it twice, you'll get your name on the movie's DVD plus a sword?! Yes. A sword. Nearby at Stand (I'll have to go back to try their burgers and shakes, which both looked tasty!), DC Pierson, Dominic Dierkes and Meggie McFadden enjoyed some beers with their shakes while they talked to me about their nomadic experience marketing and screening their comedy film in city after city around America. It's coming soon to Albuquerque, Chicago, Los Angeles and maybe a city near you! Click to demand Mystery Team in your city. It works. It really works.

And now, the debut of Beer With Shakes…

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Related: Derrick member Donald Glover wasn't in NYC. He's in L.A. filming episodes of NBC's Community. You can hear Glover talk to The Sound of Young America in their new interview with him.

The Sound of Young America

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