If you thought that The Onion's deal with IFC for a TV series based on its Onion News Network videos in 2011 had made kaput any sports-related deal with Comedy Central, then fool on you.

Comedy Central announced this morning it had approved just such a series, with 10 episodes for "The Onion Sports Network" set to debut in the first quarter of next year.

From the press release, Comedy Central's Kent Alterman said: "The Onion has such credibility in the comedy world, we feel fortunate to partner with them. They will skewer the sports world, and the media coverage of sports, with the same sharpness we’ve seen applied to the world of politics and popular culture." As for The Onion's CEO, Steve Hannah? “The Onion Sports Network teaming up with Comedy Central?” Hannah said. “If I were ESPN, I’d consider a whole new line of work.”

Here is the most recent video entry from the Onion Sports Network, in which they report that the Boston Red Sox plan to return Fenway Park to its original 1912 specifications. For the purists! Hey now. Roll it.